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Yanzitao Pottery Coffee B&B 燕子陶民宿

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No. 6-3, Neighborhood 19, Nanjiang Village, Nanzhuang Township, Miaoli County



+886 933 715 427



Yanzitao Pottery Coffee B&B is located in Nanzhuang, Miaoli, with a commanding view of the surrounding hills. We have 3 individually rooms, providing handmade healthy breakfast and pour over coffee.
“Truth”is our living attitude, and we also presented in our pottery creation, daily food and daily life. You can wander our gardens, where we grow coffee beans, tung blossoms, and more.
We invite you to touch and feel the nature, and take part in our slow life.

How to get to Yanzitao:
Take National Freeway No. 1 to the Toufen Interchange. Follow County Road 124A east, take the 124 further east, take Provincial Highway 3 south, then the 124 again east/south to Nanzhuang town, and from there follow the 124 about 3.5km further southwest; turn right after passing the 31km marker.

B)By public transport
1. From Taipei Bus Station (north of Taipei Main Station) take Kuo Kuang Motor Co. bus no. 1823 (Taipei-Zhunan) to Toufen. From Toufen, take Miaoli Bus no. 5804, 5805,or 5806 to Nanzhuang town. From there take Miaoli Bus no. 5822 and get off at the Nanjiang Recreational Agricultural District (南江休閒農業區) or Funan (福南) bus stop. From there it’s a 10-min. walk to Yanzitao.

2. Take a train to Zhunan Railway Station. Transfer to a Taiwan Tourist Shuttle( Nanzhuang Route bus. From Nanzhuang town take bus no. 5822 (see above).