Taiwan Host Spirit

Taiwan Host B&Bs are legally operated B&Bs selected by Taiwan government as quality B&Bs. Owners of Taiwan Host B&Bs uphold these 6 attributes: Cordiality, Friendliness, Cleanliness, Sanitation, Safety and accomplishment hese attributes show what Taiwan is known for – warm service and local hospitality. Visitors will create unforgettable memories of Taiwan when they stay at a Taiwan Host B&B.

Why Choose Taiwan Host?

Taiwan Host B&Bs Guarantee: A warm and friendly B&B owner is the basic criteria for earning the Taiwan Host certification. Visitors will feel more secure staying at a Taiwan Host B&B.
An In Depth Experience: Visitors will have an in depth appreciation for Taiwan’s local customs and culture by hearing stories told by B&B owners. Staying at a Taiwan Host B&B is as good as reading a tour book.

What Services Do Taiwan Host B&Bs Provide?

As long as the B&B meets the Taiwan Host criteria, service and facility are guaranteed at a certain level. Taiwan’s B&B owners are polite, friendly and hospitable. The B&Bs integrate the surrounding natural scenery and local ecology. Every visitor is welcomed with warmth and hospitality, and B&B owners often make home cooked meals for their guests. Making visitors feel at home with Taiwan hospitality on full display is the goal of all Taiwan Host B&Bs.

How Do I Find A Taiwan Host B&B?

Visit the Taiwan travel website http://taiwanstay.net.tw and click“Taiwan Host”. Be sure to identify the “Taiwan Host” certification marking.


Taiwan Hosts Association was founded by a group of top quality B&Bs in Taiwan on 16 April, 2018. To join the association, one must not only be legal but also be certificated by the Taiwan Hosts System. The association aims to promote the quality and acknowledgement of Taiwan Host B&Bs.