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Four Seasons B&B is in the low-developed Toushe Peat Basin, with a green countryside environment and not far away from the Sun Moon Lake Xiangshan Visitor Center. There is a large piece of grass in the front yard, which is suitable for children to play.  Fireflies flicker in front of the window. In the barbecue area, you can enjoy of chatting with friends under the starry sky.


The Four Seasons B&B green building is characterized of its anti-earthquake, brightness, and ventilation. Each bedroom with a design style is spacious and clean.  The bed using high-quality mattresses that every guest can have a sweet dream. The family theater is the favorite of everyone, the dining room is a venue for family and friends to warm chatting and meal together.  Here, you will feel at home.    


You can enjoy the good time here in all seasons. When wandering in the beautiful scenery of Sun Moon Lake, the Four Seasons B&B provide you with a warm and high-quality rest environment as well. Living here, you will not miss the whispering of the morning light and the wonderful ecology.