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Coming Home 次歸·回家

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Coming Home  is located in the quiet alleys of Anping, Tainan. The single old house only accepts a group of up to four guests every day. Entering Anping Lane and opening the red gate, the independent small courtyard adds a sense of tranquility. The nostalgic old house provides a comfortable rest space and a modern and bright bathroom, so that every traveler can feel the comfort of returning home. Attractions such as Old Street, Anping Ancient Fort and Tree House are within walking distance, which is very suitable for parent-child travel.
We hope that travelers will feel like they are at home, so the beds, mattresses, quilts and other accessories are the same as those used by the host at home. Provide a Bluetooth speaker to allow travelers to play their favorite music, enhance the sense of belonging, and feel as relaxed as at home. The host hopes that after the travelers have been here, the second return will be like going home. I hope that everyone can have a wonderful trip in Anping and look forward to returning home again. Welcome home.