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Lakeside Spendtime Bed & Breakfast 苗栗湖畔星館民宿

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No. 127, Linliping, Yihe Village, Dahu Township, Miaoli County


Located in a lush green valley, the beautiful lakeside lodge resort along with a garden restaurant has open-air hot spring as an attractive feature. Furthermore, visitors can easily enjoy the spectacular sights of nature—branches of trees interweaving and ripples dancing on the lake. Visitors can also take delight in the beauty of cherry blossoms, maple leaves, and a shower of Tung flowers. 


Many more outdoor activities can appeal to anyone’s senses—searching for fireflies; listening to bird chirping and frog singing; observing distant stars and clouds; watching the mist surrounding Mt. Manapang. Undoubtedly, it will be a fabulous experience to observe first-hand the distinctive change of day and night and the alteration of seasons. All of these remain unforgettable experiences

only available in a paradise retreat like here.