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Viva La Vivace VIVA漁樂活安平民宿

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No. 37, Ln. 10, Shiping 5th St., Anping Dist., Tainan City 708, Taiwan (R.O.C.)



+886 909 225 296



Enjoying Italian home at ease

"Viva la vivace", meaning "living out the lively, happy tempo of life" in Italian, fully expresses its presence in the Italian owner. The owner couple input their energy with friendliness and passion, into every single corner of their home through simplistic interior design, hoping travelers can find the happiness in life while enjoying this place like home. Viva la Vivace Bed and Breakfast is a detached home with five levels. The entire building is based upon pure white, with state-of-the-art wooden fences and transparent glass, implanted with greenery. Light and shadow, people and nature have merged into one another and intertwined into harmony here.

There are five guest rooms in total: single rooms on level 2, 3 and 5, with 4th floor having two guest rooms on the two ends of the floor. Each floor shares the same modern chic semi-open space that is the theme throughout Viva la Vivace B&B. Japanese-style common area on the third floor is composed of one long wooden table and a shelf-full of books, beside a kitchen stocked with capsule coffee machine, stove, microwave and oven. Also on the third floor, the pull-out door beside the Japanese-style room enables for more private use of the space. The elevator leads up to the top level, where "trees, wood, stones, water" perfectly integrate into a zen atmosphere. Each painting at the corner, wooden handles on the stairway, scent of essential oil in the air and exquisite vanity kits all create this space of elegantly crafted taste of living.