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Migrator Inetertidal Homestay 候鳥潮間帶民宿

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34F.-3, Chengqian, Baisha Township, Penghu County 884, Taiwan (R.O.C.)





The Migrator Intertidal Homestay is located in the idyllic Penghu Bay Area, with a private beach and un-matched sea views.

Explore long stretches of unspoilt intertidal beach and coastal marine life.

Facing south, guests at the Homestay enjoy the sunrise from the Zhongli Windmill area on the left.  By day the sky and the sea melt into one, and by night into a sky of twinkling stars.  Sunsets at the Homestay are nothing short of breathtaking.  

It is easy to see why Penghu Bay is considered an area of unmatched beauty.