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Erchualakeside café 二泉湖畔咖啡民宿

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No. 21-6, Shi’erliao, Emei Township, Hsinchu County 315, Taiwan (R.O.C.)



Erchuanlakeside café is located in Hsinchu County, adjacent to Emei Lake.

Erchuanlakeside café is nearby Miaoli Nanzhuang. the great location is close to Beipu Cold Spring, Lion's Head Mountain, Emei Lake, and countless fabulous tourist attractions that you can easily have a pleasant visit.

Erchuanlakeside café uses fair-faced concrete to create an environment that combines natural beauty with modern architecture. The minimalism of the style implies the ''less is more'' philosophy, showing Erchuanlakeside's unique humble style. 

All rooms facilitate french windows that allow sunlight penetrate intorooms.The open-air balcony outside the room is an excellent spot to overlook the magnificent mountain scenery of the Emei Lake.